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The Nailest press on nails give you a perfect, non-damaging manicure at the fraction of salon costs and times. Our collection of handmade nails features unique, original signature nail designs that are 100% handcrafted. We offer a wide selection of press on nails in a variety of different shapes, designs, and sizes made from only top-quality nail products. Our signature press on nails are versatile and can be worn for weeks or days at a time with the proper care, making them a great option for any and every occasion. Order a set of handmade nails from The Nailest today, you will not be disappointed!

If you are a fan of thicker quality nails, our handmade nail sets are perfect for you! Handmade nails are painted with at least 5 layers of gel polish to provide sturdy thickness and superior quality nails. Each order comes with a full prep kit containing nail glue, adhesive tabs, and all the other nail accessories needed to ensure a perfect application. Our press on nails are easy to apply and remove with the instructions card we provide.

Our handmade nails set comes with either 10 tips or 20 tips that are individually designed for you. If you are unsure of your size, you can refer to our press on nails sizing chart or purchase our Press On Nail Samples to find the best fit. 

So, ditch the salon and instantly step up your nail game with our signature nail designs. Our unique, original DIY press on nail kits will have everyone loving and asking about your look!

IMPORTANT: Our press on nails are all 100% handmade! Please be aware of our handmade nail processing time!!! Check our FAQ page for the current process time on all of our handmade DIY press on nail kits!